About Old


My name is Charlee (or Charlie or Charlotte). I started my blog Attempting Aloha in 2010 when we purchased our home here in Hawaii. It started as just a craft blog, but with our home renovations, I learned a lot about woodworking and fell in love with power tools and building things.

We moved to Italy for a few years in 2013, and my focused switched to learning a new language and helping my kids as they trudged through public Italian school. I decided to stop blogging during that time.

Now we’re home in Hawaii again, and I’m ready for the blogging world once more! I decided to start a fresh blog, and Build and Create Home was born.

While I love my blog, you’ll find me most active on Instagram. Feel free to connect with me over there! I’m always happy to answer questions and help beginning and seasoned woodworkers, crafters, and DIY’ers!