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DIY Stocking Display

A few years ago I made a mantel that is still one of my most popular DIYs! I started thinking about how I could make this even more simple— and here it is! As simple as it gets. My DIY Stocking Display is perfect for apartment living, military bases, college dorms, or any home without a fireplace!


This post will contain affiliate links, so please see my disclosure page.

This is truly a beginner DIY project since all you need is a little hammer to get the tacks in- and you may not even need that!

Supplies needed to make a DIY Stocking Display:

– I used a black broom that I unscrewed and then sawed off with my mini hand saw. If you want to do this project without any sawing- you can grab this curtain rod and use that!
Burlap Ribbon
Gold Thumbtacks
Garland of your choice! (you can go with flocked, add jingle bells or pinecones!)
bakers twine
circular wooden ornaments
-any stockings you like- I went with fuzzy white ones to fit my more rustic Christmas vibe


Step 1- Create your loops:

You have the rod ready to hang (whether you got the broomstick and sawed off the ends, or your got a curtain rod. The next step will be to find the perfect height you want your stocking display. Then take your burlap ribbon and cut them to the size you’d like.

Step 2 – Place your rod for the DIY Stocking Display:

Once you have the loops where you want them, you can start to assemble the display. (If your stockings have loops on them, be sure to put them on the rod before you put them in the loops!) It’s time to place your rod through the loops. You can then add your garland!

Step 3 – Add any finishing touches to your DIY Stocking Display:

I used wooden ornaments and baker’s twine to write the names of my children on the stockings. If you have any other little additions you want to add to your display- do it! And be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook- I would LOVE to see what you come up with!


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Harry Potter Christmas Gifts and Decor

We already know that the Christmas season has a lot of joy— and dare I say— magic. So for Wizarding World fans, these Harry Potter Christmas Gifts and Decor can add the perfect bonus to an already magical season!

(If you see something you love, just click on the picture! It’ll take you right to it!)

Trim the Tree

You can add the perfect mix of sparkle and charm to your tree with Harry Potter ornaments. Some are more obviously Hogwarts than others (how cute are the little ornaments of the dainty owls, snitch spell book, and wands?! And that Polyjuice Potion and Rememberall!).

But other ornaments like Hagrid’s Hut and the flying car might look more like usual decorations to the untrained eye. But for HP fans, they’ll get a knowing smile or tiny little gasp.

Slip into something more magical

Obviously, they were wearing robes at Hogwarts. But I seriously doubt they were this comfortable. These house robes come in different colors, depending on where the sorting hat threw you. (*COUGH* Gryffindor *COUGH*).

But if you’re not house-centered, you can check out the Owl Robe which looks amazingly comfortable too.

Once you’ve secured the robe for common areas, it’s time to get your bed attire in order. That means sheets, comforter, and jammies.

For pajamas, there are a LOT of options. You can go Christmas-centered, rep your house, study Herbology, or wander into the Forbidden Forrest. No matter what you wear, you’ll be warm and comfortable.

Lastly- you can toss some bedding on there that is adorned with your favorite whimsical wizards, and wah-lah! Your perfect Potter room is both comfortable and ready to go. It’s so comfortable you could probably stream all eight movies without batting an eye.

(And if you need the perfect lighting, how cute are these little Golden Stitch string lights?!)

Give Magical Gifts

Whether you’re gifting this Horcrux speaker or this perfectly ugly Christmas sweater, there are SO many possible Potter Presents.



Need some other Christmas Content as magical as these Harry Potter Christmas gifts and decor? I’ve got you!

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Christmas Teen Room Makeover

My kids LOVE their rooms. This Christmas Teen Room Makeover is how I helped my daughter feel loved, comfortable, and secure in their space in our home. That’s why I took the time to transform my daughter’s room into this cozy Christmas wonderland!

This post will contain affiliate links; if you have any questions about those, please see my disclosure page. I appreciate your support!

Bedding, Bedding, Bedding

The first thing I wanted to do in her room was get the vibes right. My daughter is a sweet and feminine girl, so I know she wants to lean into those neutrals and pinks. And when you think of Christmas, you HAVE to think cozy. So the first step is to grab as much comfortable Christmas bedding as I could find.

Do you not just want to dive into that?! It has:

And the jolliest icing on the cake? This Santa pillow is not only comfortable but ADORABLE. It totally ties the pale pinks and creams into the Christmas theme and brings this teen room into the Christmas season. And they can work in bed in comfort with a fur lap desk.

Dress the Part

A cozy room is NOTHING without something comfortable and warm to wear underneath!

Gnomes are so popular right now, and this set of Holiday Gnome Organic Flannel Pajamas are adorable and on-trend. And they’ll make your teen feel like they’re wrapped as tight Christmas gift this year.

I would stay in that bed forever. BUT if your teen has to leave this perfect Christmas room for any reason— they can wrap themselves up in this Cozy Sherpa Robe. (And please don’t miss the amazing velvet trunk in the background that I am OBSESSED with for both storage and vibes.)

Add the Finishing Touches

Add the tinsel to the tree with these finishing touches—

You can grab:

I love the shelves in my daughter’s room. They are so easy to switch out different decor pieces with, and they let her showcase that phenomenal personality and sense of self.  We knew we wanted to clear off these trinkets that are all seasoned and make them divinely feminine and Christmas-y.

We decided to add the tallest doo-dads to the top shelf. These golden reindeer and pink trees were the perfect accents on the top shelf. (She keeps this radio up all year, and I don’t blame her! Is it not the CUTEST thing ever?!)

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

The few little tweaks that you can make to an already amazingly cozy room can bring your teen’s space from this:

To this:

More Makeover Inspo? We have that too:

  • My daughter is a huge music fan, so we made this wall display for her vinyl records here
  • Maybe you want to remodel their room all year long? You can look at this teen room makeover
  • Give your stairs some attention too— especially in those high-traffic areas— with a stair makeover
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Makeover of Christmas Pillars and Arch

If you’ve seen the Christmas fence or any of my Halloween posts about the DIY Pillars and Arches, you know I love to deck out my yard for the holidays. This Makeover of Christmas Pillars and Arch was the most festive way to set the stage for my yard this season.

This post contains affiliate links. Please visit my disclosure page if you would like more information and thank you for your support.

Supplies needed for your Makeover of Christmas Pillars:

– 1/4 Inch Backer Board
-4 2×4 pieces of wood (I ripped them down into 2×2 with my table saw, but if you don’t have one you can get 8 2×2 pieces)
Spray adhesive
-PVC Pipe
Sander/ Sanding disks

*NOTE* These are the materials you will need if you are making these pillars from scratch. If you need instructions on how to set the pillars up, read more on that here. But, if you are doing the makeover on this project from the fencing, you won’t need anything other than a bit of Mortar,  your foam board, letters, wreaths, and lights.

Step 1: Remove the spooky heads from your Christmas Pillars

There is no need for spooky faces when jingle bells are ringing. So I pulled the styrofoam heads off of the pillars and patched them with more mortar. Then, even though I knew I would be adding a wreath, I let it dry and sanded those spots.


Step 2 – Make the signage for your arch

Step one for the arch process is to decide what you want it to say. I used my existing arch to plan my measurements, so I knew exactly how big I needed it to be. Then I used 2″ insulation foam board to form the arch. You could use Plywood if you want to go that route!

I settled on “North Pole” as the title for my archway, and painted my foam board in a brilliant Christmas red. Then found these great letters at Michaels- They were on a big sale, so I’m not sharing the exact same ones. But they are comparable to these– and started attaching them to the foam board with this Krazy Glue. 



**ALTERNATIVE – Don’t forget… this is your project! If you think flat sticker letters or free-standing prelit theatre letters look better- do it! Just make sure you send me a picture of what you design on Instagram and or Facebook after you do it, because I love seeing what you come up with!

Step 3 – Attach your Christmas arch to your pillars!

Now that you have your pieces ready, next it’s time to assemble them. Bring that arch out and slide it onto the pillars. I then wrapped the whole thing in these lights.  Lastly, added this BEAUTIFUL wreath. You can browse wreaths you might like here:

And there you have it. The perfect cozy Christmas entryway!


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Gifts sure to make your teen laugh this holiday

Fellow parents of teens know that one of the best things about your kids getting older is making them laugh. I have put together gifts sure to make your teen laugh this holiday. I know firsthand… because I have given most of these to my kids!

Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow Covers

Literally, just the name of this product makes me laugh. So I feel the need to tell you now that there WILL be a theme to this post. And that theme happens to be named Nicolas. We think he is so funny in my house, and he has become our unofficial family mascot for that reason.  This is a 16×16 inch sparkle sequin pillowcase. There are SO many different versions and celebrities in the form of this pillow! Joey and Ross from friends, animals, and even Harry Styles!

Tortilla Blanket

The perfect gift for when you’re feeling brrrr-itto. Ok, that was bad and I’m sorry for it. It was just so easy. This flannel blanket is perfect for your kid if you’re a family of taco lovers. Not into tacos? That’s fine! It comes as a  pizza, waffle, or cookie! Honestly, if being wrapped in a giant chocolate chip cookie doesn’t sound relaxing, I can’t help you.

Fleece Onesie Pajamas

Warm? Check. Adorable? Yep. Customizable to different animals? You betcha. This will for SURE get a smile out of your teen… and give them something more comfortable to lay on the couch and watch TikTok in.

Mushroom Booty Shower Curtain

Mushrooms are super popular right now. So you’re going to get points for being trendy (which is nearly impossible for a teenager to give you). Then you get the added bonus of adorable little butts on the pattern, which makes it a combination of funny and appreciated. It’s machine washable and comes with plastic hooks to install it, so you won’t be hassled by installing it or keeping it clean. Kid win, parent win.

Nicolas Cage FULL FACE Blanket

Ok. This one is a little traumatizing. But also so incredible. I told you our home is a forever Cage home! I love this because it comes in the GINORMOUS size of 80×60. Other faces and patterns are available, but this one is just too horrifyingly amazing not to share.

Celebrity Faux Oil Painting

Marilyn Monroe, Snoop Dogg, and … you guessed it… Nicolas Cage are all available as fancy pants ladies and gentlemen. You can get this 16×24 fake oil painting of a celebrity of your choice. It’s unframed, giving your teen the perfect opportunity to put it in a frame that fits their personality best, tape it to their wall or hang it in a place of honor.

National Treasure Coffee Cup


It is a high-quality mug that doesn’t rub off or peel. Which is just the icing on the cake of this funny mug. You can put a Starbucks gift card in there to make it a little more practical. But this is the perfect way to show how much you “treasure” this teen!

Tiny Hands

I have a dream where I put these in my sleeve and go in to shake hands with my kid to shock a laugh out of them. There are 10, so you could have one for each finger, hide them in random places around their room, or use them to get a laugh out of the rest of the family. Tiny hands, big laughs.

Shark Cloud Sippers

They’re adorable and so comfortable. The best combination of things. Then when you add in the fact it looks like a shark is chomping on your little tootsies, so perfect! Not to mention they’re relatively inexpensive, which just adds to their perfection.

150 Funny Meme Stickers

Memes alone are perfection, and they’re now on a sticker, which makes them even better. They can decorate their hydro flasks with these, and hope you can share a chuckle. It may even find a reason for you to watch some new shows or clips together with your teen. Bonding over television is a love language of its own.

People of Walmart Coloring Book

Rolling back prices and rolling back dignity. Whether you’re a Target shopper or a Walmart fan- every page is crazier than the next! Don’t forget to toss in some colored pencils so you can enjoy your Christmas evening coloring the oddest of the odds.

Giant Bread Shaped Pillow


If you dream of bread, why not dream on bread?! This pillow is a carb-lover’s dream. It looks pretty real between the texture and the fabric and comes in 3 different sizes, so your little croissant can get the pillow perfect for their space!

Sassy Crew Socks

I won’t lie to you; some of the sayings on these socks made me laugh so hard. Most notably, the one that said, “I have to pee.” I will warn you, if you’re a mom against cussing, this won’t be the gift for you. The “I don’t care, thanks” socks are one of the two without a swear. But as a mother of a funny teen and an owner of a sailor’s mouth myself… they made me laugh.

Eye Bugging Stress Toy

In all seriousness, being a kid isn’t always easy. I actually like the idea of giving a little tension relief with a twist. There are a few different options on these, but I like the building eye worm. Is that because my teen can make my eyes bulge at times? That’s neither here nor there.

Need some other Christmas gift-giving ideas or DIY? I’ve got you!

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15 Christmas gifts for your pets

Here are 15 Gift Ideas for Pets because Santa Paws is coming to town! The holidays are here, and we can’t leave out our furry friends. It’s not too late to fill their stockings too.

Double Dog and Cat Bowls

This dual feeder is perfect for small and medium pets. One food bowl and one water bowl with a water bottle for an automatic refill! This dish is also special because it has a tilted platform, so it’s in the perfect position for older kitties and puppies to get their food without hurting their necks!

Smartphone Controlled Feeder

The perfect gift for tech-savvy pet parents. This smartphone-controlled food bowl can hold up to 15 meals! It will feed your pet regularly so travel parents and those who work long days don’t have to worry. The most fun part of this… right before the food is dispensed you can record a 10-second voice recording.

Automatic timed Pet Feeder

This pet feeder is also amazing for working pet owners but isn’t linked to your smartphone. An affordable, battery-operated pet food dispenser. It takes AA batteries and has 6 cells you can fill with food or treats!

Puppy Chew Toys

My table legs would have thanked me if I had gotten this for our dog when he came home in July. So would my chair legs. And my kid’s shoes…. and the wall of our laundry room… The point is- puppies chew, and these are the PERFECT gifts for your pooch babies. It’s a 20-pack that includes 9 ropes, 2 dog treat balls, 1 rubber dog toothbrush stick, a banana toy, a flying disc toy and includes poop bags as a gift!

Interactive Cat Windmill and Food Dispenser

A puzzle for cats to amuse themselves with TWO layers of action. The trackballs will give your cat hours of amusement, with the added benefit of you getting to watch your little kitty hunt and play. It can also be filled with treats, so when the cat rotates the platter- a treat pops out!

Interactive Cat Toy with Feathers and Catnip

If you’ve ever seen a cat after they had catnip… you’ll understand it’s the phrase “it’s like catnip”. They are so obsessed with it, and it’s highly entertaining. The feathers, the holes for them to bat their toys, added with the cat nip makes this such a good toy for curious kitties.

Automatic Moving Ball Multi Pack

The only thing I love more than playing with my pets is buying something battery-operated that will play with my pets for me. This multi-pack will for sure keep those cats occupied. The coolest part is that there are motion sensors in the toys that allow them to move and stop automatically. Truly a hands-off toy!

Large Water Dispenser for Dogs and Cats

180 ounces of water with a wireless pump will make a safe and convenient fountain for one or multiple pets! It needs to be plugged in to work, and once running it has a purification filter that will keep your pets hydrated and safe. When there isn’t enough water in the bowl, the pump will automatically shut off! And it comes with a one-year warranty, so if it breaks or you’re unsatisfied… no sweat.

Pup Claw Dog Toys (With a squeaker)

Do I even need to tell you why this one is both an amazing and hilarious gift? A tiny puppy seltzer?! Waggermelon? Mutt mango? Stop. It’s too much. Take my money.


Dog Rope with Suction Cup for Aggressive Chewers

The suction cup on the bottom is just what the dog-tor ordered. (That was a lot and I know it. But I am leaning into it.) I love that they can literally tire themselves out with this one. It’s durable and cleans the dog’s teeth while it stimulating them with internal sounds when shaken!  You can even fill it will dog food or treats to encourage play!

Outdoor Playpen with Cover!

Cats, bunnies, hamsters, hedgehogs, chinchillas, tiny dogs… This one covers the small pet spectrum! Give your little pet some outdoor time with this portable yard fence. It is waterproof, easy to fold, and covered with a zipper! It’s a good way to take your little babies with you camping or to the park or beach!

Greenies Gingerbread Dog Treats

Even your pet deserves a seasonal flavor, and these Greenies give them just that. No, not peppermint mocha flavored (thank goodness, please don’t caffeinate my dog) but the classic Christmas taste of Gingerbread. These are available in teenie, small and large. So every dog gets the portion control they need- something I am still working on in the holidays. This brand is also known to fight plaque so it’s a gift that tricks them into being healthy.

Foraging Mat for Dogs and Cats

The cutest little Christmas tree I have seen that is a secret dog and cat puzzle! Animals love foraging and sniffing out treats, so you’re encouraging them to do that in one of the hundred little places to hide under this foraging mat. Plus… it’s machine washable. The true Christmas miracle.

Snuffle Mat Feeding Game

I really don’t know if I love that it gets out energy by encouraging foraging, or if I love that it is called a “snuffle mat”. When they’re bored, they can sometimes dig into things they shouldn’t but this mat helps prevent needless frustration by giving them somewhere to target that energy. Plus, the suction cups help keep it in place so treats aren’t flung everywhere!


We all know pets are like part of the family! I hope you got some great ideas on how to make them feel loved this Holiday season.

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DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder

Cute cousins, Old co-workers you miss and those beloved family pets all smile out at us from holiday cards. I love them so much, and I needed to find a way to display them. So I came up with this DIY Christmas Tree Card holder made out of wood and twine!


This post will contain affiliate links, so please see my disclosure page.

This is truly a beginner DIY project since all you need is a drill if you are able to have lumber cut at your local home improvement store! If not, you’ll need a saw.

Supplies needed to make a DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder:

– 1x4x6 pine boards (2) – if you’re trying to save money you can use furring strips, which are lower quality but still pine or white wood but less money.
-1 1/4″ brad nails
– Stain, paint, or finish of your choice
bakers twine
hot glue
mini wooden clothespins

Tools needed to make a DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder:


Step 1- Cut your lumber:

Cut your lumber. Some home improvement stores will cut dimensional lumber for you. If yours doesn’t, you can use a hand saw or any power saw of your choice to cut your pieces. I recommend a miter saw for this type of cut.

I made sure to cut at 30-degree angles to get the branches.

Step 2 – Lay out your pieces:

Lay out your branches, then your longer piece on top. Then I used my 18 gauge brad nails. I did 4 nails per slat. Easy. Peasy. You could try wood glue, but it might not be as sturdy. Let me know if you decide to go this route.


Step 3 – Finish off your DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder:

I stained mine, painted some in different designs, and LOVE them each for different reasons! Then to turn this into a card holder, I simply added baker’s twine and mini clothespins. And there they were. All the faces of the people I love looking at me from a tiny tree! (I do wonder what these would look like with lights added to them, so if you decide to go in that direction, PLEASE tag me on Facebook and Instagram!)



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DIY Halloween Chain Fence

Everyone knows my Halloween yard is an ever-growing labor of love. This year I updated my cemetery arch, added a giant skeleton horse and hearse… (amazing), and lined my pathway with a chain fence. This DIY Chain fence was one of my easier projects, and it added some spooktacular details to my yard this year.


Supplies needed for your DIY Halloween Chain Fence:

– Black Steel Pipe (That’s what I used, but PVC Pipe would work too!)
-black chain (comes with the zip ties needed!)
Q Hanger Hooks
Solar Lanterns

Tools needed for your DIY Halloween Chain Fence:

-A hammer or a mallet to put the pipes in the ground

Step 1: Place your posts

Decide how tall you want your posts to be. I went with posts that were cut at 36″, and then I used the hammer to pound them about 6″ into the ground. When I spaced them, I had them about 6-8′ apart. To get the chains started, I installed them into the DIY Pillars I made with a screw hook.

These chains have s-hooks that I hooked right over the top of the pipe. For the second rung through the middle of the pipes, I simply used the black zip ties that came with the chains.

Step 2 – String your chain

I love this DIY chain fence because there are no (power) tools needed! Just a little time-consuming chain stringing. Put in some air pods, and snap those s-hooks into your pipe!

Step 3: Add the Torches

I went back and forth about how to add a little flair to the chain fence, and then it hit me! Torches! I found these amazing solar-powered torches, and they fit right in the top of my pipes.

This was one of my easiest Halloween DIYs, and it looks AMAZING all lit up at night. I love that I don’t have to plug anything in, and the solar-powered torches will for sure be used for another holiday DIY!

More Halloween DIY Ideas:

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DIY Cemetery Pillar Arch

Last year I made a cemetary arch, and it wasn’t my easiest DIY. I LOVED the end result. But man, there were things that I would have changed— so I did! This was my round two, where I made needed changes and loved the end result. This arch sits perfectly on top of my DIY cemetery pillars and I couldn’t be happier with my DIY Cemetery Pillar Arch Modifications.


Supplies needed for your DIY Cemetery Arch:

– 23/32″ Plywood Sheathing
Rustoleum  spray paint
-2×2 wood

Tools needed for your DIY Cemetery Arch:

-Miter Saw

Step 1: Plan it out

I knew I still wanted to cut the design out of plywood, similar to what I did in my last design. I wanted to change it around so it was stronger, add more lighting, and adjust how my arch was attached to the pillars.

Last year’s arch had a more drastic curve. I made the arch less curved this year so it would be stronger. And even though my old arch had the catchiest name, I shortened it this year. That decreased cutting time. I love a time saver. Added bonus- having fewer letters cut out of the plywood makes it a lot stronger.

Step 2 – Cut it out

I used my jigsaw to cut out all of the letters in cemetery then laid down my trusty tarp, and spray-painted it black. (I also think this textured design paint would look awesome).

This was probably the most time-consuming part of the project. It took me about an hour and twenty minutes to cut out my cemetery sign. If you have a clever cemetery name and a steady hand, it probably won’t take you too long.


Helpful tips: Make sure you have fresh blades on that jigsaw! Sharp blades will cut down on your time behind the saw. Also- make those letters pop! Last year it was really hard to see the black with the tree branches in the air. So I used white paint to line the inside of the letters to help them stand out.

Step 3: Assemble

This is another place where I changed it up from my older design. I used a 2×2 on the front of the arch to give it more stability on the pillars.

One of the things I love the most about DIY is that you are never done learning. I took a project that I already loved, and made it even better this year. It’s never boring around here, that’s for sure!


I made it my own with these awesome bats, my skeleton family, and of course lanterns and Halloween lights!

Looking for more Halloween Inspo? I’ve got that!

Budget Decor

Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover

As a parent, it’s so important to me that my children have rooms that are their safe space. I want them to feel loved, comfortable, and secure in their space in our home. That’s why I took the time to ensure my sweet daughter felt my love with this teen bedroom makeover.

This post will contain affiliate links; if you have any questions about those, please see my disclosure page. I appreciate your support!

Lighting for a teen bedroom

The first thing I wanted to do in her room was set the mood. She is a gorgeous girl with a feminine flair. So first things first… let’s set the mood! She needed a chandelier fit for a princess. I found this stunning chandelier and knew it was the best jumping-off point to get the right vibe of the room.

I mean… is it not just such a glamorous vibe? But it just wasn’t enough, so I found these amazing LED lights that can be controlled by your phone. I strung them up around the door frames and the trim of the ceiling.



I bought two sets of these 100-foot lights, which were 200 feet in total. These are perfect for those moments when she doesn’t want that overhead light on and wants to set the room’s tone.

The last amazing piece of lighting, she had to have this sign. She is like… really pretty.

Window treatments for the new bedroom

We just spent all this time making sure the lighting was right, including being thoughtful about the light coming through the windows! I got new curtain rods so I could hang sheer curtains. During the day, she likes to have natural light coming in, so sheer curtains attached to the rod were the way to go for us.

But we needed an even more feminine touch, so we added these flowers around the top of the curtain rod.

Teen bedroom bedding

The most important part of any bedroom? The bed. Duh. So let’s focus on the bed portion of this Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover. She needed a new headboard that would match the new style of her room, so I went with this upholstered version that was shorter and more feminine. Comfort is first and foremost, so I made sure my girl got a new comforter and duvet.

It is so soft and comfortable that I am genuinely tempted to sneak in and nap there now. Win for her, win for mom.

Now that it’s cozy, This Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover needed to add the pillows… most importantly, that Nicholas Cage pillow. Nick is a long-running joke in our family (did you catch the cutout I hid in the corner of her room?)

She also needed some new Squishmallows- have you cuddled one of these suckers yet?! They’re insanely soft. She got a Boba tea and a banana. We threw down the adorable heart rugs next to the bed, and it was finished!

The bedroom makeover finishing touches

My daughter is a huge music fan, so we made this wall display for her vinyl records. (You can read the tutorial here if you think it would look great in your teen Girl’s Bedroom Makeover!)

Underneath the records, we put this beautiful vanity where she could sit, take her time, and get ready in the morning.

We added succulent planters and a storage bench so she could have a “catch-all” space. Lastly, this frame tv can be set to any image and is such a great piece for a space where you already have so many great things on the walls!


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Teen Girl Bedroom- Vinyl Record Wall

Any music fan knows that what you listen to is a huge part of your personality! For my music-loving teen, I knew she would love having her vinyl records on display in her room. And that’s how this vinyl record wall idea was born!

*This post does contain affiliate links. For clarification on those links, please visit my disclosure page! Thank you for being so supportive!

Materials needed for the Vinyl Record Wall:

Vinyl record shelf (this is the exact one I used, but it is currently unavailable! I linked another one in case you want to buy it before it comes back in stock
-Back up Record Shelf Storage
Hook (Optional- the original I used comes with these sticky hooks, but if you have to buy the second option, these would work.)
-Vinyl album covers


Tools needed for the Vinyl Record Wall:

-If you choose to use the screws to put the shelf holders on the wall, you will need a drill! I didn’t use the screws, and they have been on the wall for a year with no issue.
laser level

All you need to do to get this Vinyl Record Wall ready to go is choose the space on the wall where you’d like to place your records. Decide how many total vinyls you would like to have displayed and configure how you would like them arranged on the wall.

We wanted to display 6 records, so we left 3″ between the shelves side to side, and 3″ between the top of the record and the bottom of the next shelf. We used a laser level to make sure we had them straight, and distanced the way we needed them.

Because my daughter (and I, let’s face it) like to switch things up often and rearrange, we decided not to screw the mounts to the wall. The set I used came with both a sticky mount that you put on first and screws that went on top of that. But as I said, it has been up for a year and hasn’t even budged!

At the end of the day, now my beautiful daughter has a place to sit down, do her hair and makeup, and look up to some of her favorite artists. If you don’t own any vinyl records, here are some that she has on display, and a link to her adorable record player. She has the baby blue one but it comes in over 30 colors!:

I have some fun artwork links below if you’re interested in using this idea with something other than records!

More makeover ideas? I have those for you!

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Basement Stairs Makeover

My basement stairs makeover is perfect for turning your basement from drab to fab. It’s amazing what a simple upgrade to some stairs will do to the whole living space. Our basement feels much warmer and more welcoming because of the simple changes I made, starting on the stairs!

Supplies you need to Makeover your Stairs:

-paint of your choice
-(Need a new brush and pail?! These are my GO TO paint brushes and my handy pail. Painting essentials)
-2×8 runners (I needed two for the length of the stairs
-1 piece of quarter round
3/8″ staples

Tools you need to Makeover your Stairs:
pneumatic stapler
air compressor
-(You can use a hand stapler if you don’t have a pneumatic one. But you would need some intense hand strength!)

Step 1: Choose your new stair color

My stairs started a darker color that I didn’t feel helped the flow between the up and downstairs. So when I was thinking about the color scheme for the basement, I knew I wanted to make it a bit more neutral. So I chose to use Sherwin Williams “Balanced Beige.” And right away… I was in love.

*note* because I am renting and will cover the stairs with a runner, I knew it would be easier to paint this back to its original color if I didn’t go all the way to the black treads!

Step 2: Purchase and install your basement stairs runner

I knew I needed 2×8 and two in length for my specific stairs. I found some awesome runners that matched my color scheme from Allen & Roth. It matched my needs for my basement, and I loved it. If you need some runner ideas… I’ve got you!

Because I am in a rental home, I did this a little differently than I would have if this were a home I owned. I would have removed the treads and added some padding. But I used my pneumatic stapler and some 3/8″ staples in this case.

I was attaching the staples under the bullnose overhang, so they would be kept tight and also hidden. I wanted the seam to be hidden, so I cut it with scissors and tucked it under the seam as well.

*pro tip* I used a little story stick to make sure I was stapling in the middle of the stairs to ensure the runner was not crooked.*

I cut off the excess in the bottom and finished the runners with a quarter-round. This will keep the end from fraying and give the stairs a “finished” look.


And there you have it! A basement stairs makeover that will upgrade your whole space!