Thanks for stopping by! I try my best to keep my blog clean and free of annoying pop-up ads that I personally don’t love as a blog visitor. But blogging is time-consuming for me! I would love to keep bringing you new content, so to make it a nice experience for both you and me, I’ve chosen to share affiliate links and partner with brands I love.

Affiliate Links

When you click on one of my affiliate links, the company gives me a very small percentage of the purchase amount as a payment. It doesn’t cost you anything extra! I only share links to products I actually use and love. I know as a reader, you trust me, and I value our friendship.

So if you enjoy my blog or have learned a tip or two, please take the time to use one of my links for your next purchase. It would be very aloha of you. 😉

Partner Brands

At times, I also work with brands to bring you sponsored posts. These are also brands and products I use and recommend. I am careful of the brands I select, and I hope you like their products as much as I do.

Partnering with Me

If you are a company looking to sponsor a post on my blog or any of my social media platforms, please reach me via email:  buildandcreatehome@gmail.com