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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hire you?

Unfortunately, at this time I am no longer accepting client work. But I am trying my best to make simple tutorials, so you can create those projects, or similar ones all on your own!

What tools do you recommend for a beginner?

If you’ve never used a power tool before (and you have a small budget) I suggest starting with a couple of versatile tools like a drill and a jig saw. Those tools combined with a measuring tape and a couple of clamps can get you started on many, many projects!

If I send you a picture of my space, can you help me organize it?

I do offer limited virtual services! You can check in on my calendar!

How did you get started?

I had never picked up a power tool before purchasing our first home. It was a foreclosure … and a disaster! My husband had some knowledge of tools, but his work schedule was really limited. So, he would teach me how to start a project, and from there I would dive right in! I fell in love with the carpentry portion of DIY and just slowly acquired more tools and knowledge. The next thing I knew… it has been 10 years!