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How to remove red stain from carpet or rug


Steps to removing red stain from carpet or rug:

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I seriously can’t even believe I got that nasty red stain out! We have a no-food rule in our living room, but the only exception we make is for popcorn on family movie nights. Well, my daughter decided she wanted to add some red li hing flavor powder to her popcorn, and you guessed it…it spilled on the floor. Since it’s powder, we probably could have vacuumed it right up, but the kids decided to scrub it while Mom wasn’t looking instead. Gah!! You can see how that worked out for them…

This is a 9×12 rug, and there was no way that big red stain (and the tons of little red marks all over the place) were going to be hidden. I had remembered seeing a tutorial a long time ago for using Windex and a white towel and iron (Here’s a link to my Rowenta that I love!) to remove carpet stains, so I decided to give it a shot!

I made a video if you want to see how it worked.

I’m shocked at how well it worked! It ruined a couple of my white towels, but I’m so thankful my rug has been saved!


Let me know if it works for you and other stains! I feel like the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I want to carry Windex around and spray it on everything! 😉




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