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Boho IKEA Rast Hack Makeover


Aloha! I’m so excited about my IKEA Rast makeover!

We have had these dressers since my daughter was about 2 years old, and you can see below the amount of abuse they’ve taken over the last 11 years (we actually bought three, but we’re only doing this one for her bedroom).

So sad! Complete with red crayon marks and pen. Classy, right?

So I put her to work refinishing it. If my 13-year-old can do it, you can do it!

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Steps to makeover your IKEA Rast dresser

Step 1 – Prep the dresser for painting

Since I was replacing the knobs with pulls, I removed the knobs and filled the holes with DAP Plastic Wood.

Since ours had years of pen and crayon and kid-prints all over it, we gave the drawers and front a good sanding with my orbital sander and 120 grit sandpaper followed by 220 grit. I will link to the products we used below as well.

Step 2 – Paint the dresser

I decided to try the Magnolia Home chalky paint sold at Target. The color is called Weekend, and it looked like exactly what I was looking for! As someone who has painted a lot of furniture, I can’t say that this was my favorite paint to work with. I do love their walls paint, though!

We did a light sanding in between coats as I usually do with chalk paints. My favorite sanding sponge is by Gator brand.

Step 3 – Seal the paint

I chose to also use the Magnolia brand wax. I’ve used it before, but never on a dark paint. In hindsight, I wish I would have just used Minwax polycrylic in a matte finish. Oh, well.

Step 4 – Drill new holes

This part will depend on the pulls you choose. I kept mine at the same height as the old knobs (centered vertically on the drawer). And I used these black pulls from Amazon.

Step 5 – Spray paint pulls

This step is obviously optional. I did a pole on Instagram and a Facebook group I’m in. It was a close tie between the black and gold in the beginning, but people changed their minds when I did a sample gold pull!  If you’re not already following me on Instagram, we have a good time over there. 🙂

And that’s it! It’s like an entirely different dresser! Crazy what a can of paint and some new pulls can do for a piece of furniture!





Dresser – Ikea Rast
Green paint – “Weekend” by Magnolia Home (available at Target and Ace Hardware)
Black pulls – Amazon
Gold spray paint – Amazon
Pineapple bookends – Target
Rug – Rugs USA
Black and white planter – Target dollar section
Wave artwork –


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