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Basement Stairs Makeover

My basement stairs makeover is perfect for turning your basement from drab to fab. It’s amazing what a simple upgrade to some stairs will do to the whole living space. Our basement feels much warmer and more welcoming because of the simple changes I made, starting on the stairs!

Supplies you need to Makeover your Stairs:

-paint of your choice
-(Need a new brush and pail?! These are my GO TO paint brushes and my handy pail. Painting essentials)
-2×8 runners (I needed two for the length of the stairs
-1 piece of quarter round
3/8″ staples

Tools you need to Makeover your Stairs:
pneumatic stapler
air compressor
-(You can use a hand stapler if you don’t have a pneumatic one. But you would need some intense hand strength!)

Step 1: Choose your new stair color

My stairs started a darker color that I didn’t feel helped the flow between the up and downstairs. So when I was thinking about the color scheme for the basement, I knew I wanted to make it a bit more neutral. So I chose to use Sherwin Williams “Balanced Beige.” And right away… I was in love.

*note* because I am renting and will cover the stairs with a runner, I knew it would be easier to paint this back to its original color if I didn’t go all the way to the black treads!

Step 2: Purchase and install your basement stairs runner

I knew I needed 2×8 and two in length for my specific stairs. I found some awesome runners that matched my color scheme from Allen & Roth. It matched my needs for my basement, and I loved it. If you need some runner ideas… I’ve got you!

Because I am in a rental home, I did this a little differently than I would have if this were a home I owned. I would have removed the treads and added some padding. But I used my pneumatic stapler and some 3/8″ staples in this case.

I was attaching the staples under the bullnose overhang, so they would be kept tight and also hidden. I wanted the seam to be hidden, so I cut it with scissors and tucked it under the seam as well.

*pro tip* I used a little story stick to make sure I was stapling in the middle of the stairs to ensure the runner was not crooked.*

I cut off the excess in the bottom and finished the runners with a quarter-round. This will keep the end from fraying and give the stairs a “finished” look.


And there you have it! A basement stairs makeover that will upgrade your whole space!





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