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Decorating Your DIY Office Built-Ins

I really loved building my DIY Office Built– Ins for my own office.  If you haven’t checked out how I did that yet, pop over and look at it! But once they were built, not came the fun part… it’s time for Decorating Your DIY Office Built-Ins.



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Find your color theme:

For those of you who haven’t watched the video on painting my cabinets, I knew I wanted to use a pink color in my office. It’s the first room guests are greeted with, so it was a bold choice. (I’m a bold girl) and I love how it turned out. The color is Sherwin Williams Redend Point. It is described as “earthy” and “rosy brown,” so the hot debate has been whether it is pink or brown.

I live in a historic rental, and I painted my room pink. So I know my theme would be finding the mix of vintage, modern, feminine, and practical when it came time to Decorate my DIY Office Built-Ins.

The first step to adding in the vintage touch was putting these decor accent pieces on the cabinets and around the chandelier with krazy tape.


Add your Accent Pieces

I added vintage-looking scroll bookends and a sconce that I found and loved in keeping with the more vintage theme. This Venus bust is so gorgeous, and I had some decorative trunks I added as well.

Make your shelves functional

I needed some storage on these shelves for papers and to keep things organized! So I added some separators and some drawers on the shelves.

You can customize them to fit the look of your shelves, so I’ve added a few great options below for whatever look you’re going for!

I also added this globe, a gold bowl, and I HAD to have a few succulents. (I opted for plastic— one less thing to think about!)

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