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DIY Test Tube Vase Holders


10 Minute Scrap Wood Project!



Looking for a quick and simple scrap wood project? Excellent! This one will take you 10 minutes if you’re familiar with woodworking. Maybe 15 if you’re a beginner. 😉


Tools you will need to build your test tube vase stand:

3/4″ forstner bit
Brad nailer
Miter saw (or hand saw and miter box)

And the following supplies:

Test Tubes
1×4″ lumber (at least 31″ long)
Wood glue
Wood putty
Stain or paint
1.25″ brad nails


Cut list for DIY test tube vase stand:

2 pieces at 12″ (for top and bottom)
2 pieces at 3″ (for sides)


I almost feel guilty making a tutorial since these are so easy to make! But if I can save you a few minutes taking measurements, then my job is complete.

Assembling your DIY test tube vase stand:

Step 1:  Cut your 1×4’s and sand any splintered edges.

Step 2: Mark one of your 12″ pieces for the vase holes.

Mark at 2.25″, 4.75″, 7.25″, and 9.75″. Be sure to also mark them on the center front-to-back. For most 1×4 lumber, the center will be at 1.75″.

Step 3: Use your forstner bit to drill the holes.

You might have some break out on the back side of your piece. Since it won’t be seen, I didn’t worry about it too much. If you’re concerned, you can place your wood on top of a scrap piece of wood and clamp them together. This will lessen the amount of break out on your piece.

Step 4: Use wood glue and brad nails to attach the bottoms to the sides.

I only used 8 nails total. Two on each side. Very basic.

Step 5: Stain and enjoy!

That’s it! I told you it was super easy!

I made a YouTube video for you in case you’re a beginner and want to see all the steps done along the way.

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