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Children’s Bedroom Closet


Children’s Bedroom Closet- Military Closet 3 of 4, coming right up! (If you missed how I renovated the husband’s closet and that beautiful primary closet in this military family, check that out now!)

Materials needed for a Military Closet Makeover:

Shelving unit 
-1×12 melamine board (cut in half to make two shelves)
-white paint (optional)
shoe rack (24 inches wide- the exact length of the closet depth)
laundry basket
bins up top (perfect for hand-me-down storage!)

Tools Needed for a Military Closet Makeover:

-saw- for cutting 1×4 (if you don’t have access to a saw, your local hardware store will cut your 1×4 for you)

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Step 1: Organize the closet

When you have children and are lucky enough that they have hand-me-downs, you know you’re saving money, but you wrestle with, IS THIS WORTH THE STORAGE!? So, because this child has an older sibling of the same gender, we knew she had inherited some clothes to grow into. First, we needed to accommodate those with storage. Next, we started by weeding out the toys and the clothes to be grown into.

First of all, we took all toys out of the child’s closet and moved them to storage totes under her bed, so the closet would be clothes only, and toys could stay in the playroom and under the bed.

Under bed storage to hold all toys that aren't in the playroom
Under-bed storage to hold all toys that aren’t in the playroom

Don’t forget to peek in the dressers:

Before heading into the closet, I first tackled the drawers. I used these amazing drawer dividers to separate long and short sleeves, bathing suits and socks, and all the little kid odds and ends.

Drawer dividers help separate your drawer into functional space
Drawer dividers help separate your drawer into functional space

Step 2: Measure and find the child’s closet systems

Next, I headed to the closet. This closet is 3 feet deep and 4 feet wide. Kept the wire shelving because they would have bins on them for storage. I wanted to leave a foot of space for a laundry bin because I wanted to encourage some independent organization! (Mom to mom, I had her back.) This picture clearly shows the space set aside for a basket.

The perfect nook to place a laundry hamper

The first thing I included was the 3 tier bookcase.  I used a small shelving unit next for more hanging options. And lastly, included a shoe shelf.

A shot of a perfect feminine closet a little girl

Step 3: Children’s Closet- adding storage

Ok. This is where these hand-me-downs can bite you because they’re amazing and money savers… but where? Am I right? We needed extra storage for all her future fits, so I added a top shelf. This was accomplished with the 1×4 and melamine.

This type of wood is already treated and laminated; I had it cut into two pieces. One went on top of the small unit, and the other went above the wire rack.

I needed to ensure these were secure, so I got 1×4 and cut them to fit each wall in the closet. I made sure the 1x4s were screwed into studs. This is the support for this piece. Very important.

Adding shelves and LED to the highest part of the closet
Adding shelves and LED to the highest part of the closet

Once the 1×4 boards were in the wall, I attached the shelf to that and wanted to ensure it was secured to hold the shoe storage she needed! I used these fabric storage bins to store the clothes that this child will grow into. In a children’s bedroom closet- especially with a military family, you move a lot and want to be as organized as possible!

Step 4: Organize The Storage

This label maker was so helpful because I could label the size of the clothes they will grow into and make it as organized as possible.

Adding labels to opaque bins is the perfect way to still know exactly what you have and what you need.
Adding labels to opaque bins is the perfect way to still know exactly what you have and what you need.

I accessorized her closet with an adorable shelf, hangers, and a great mirror because this cutie was very into dressing up.

Lastly, the biggest closet addition must be the LED lights I added.

The ones that are linked are lights that you plug in, but there are some other things you can do as well; you can get battery-operated or remote control lights, so I wanted to link some options.

In the end, it’s a child’s closet that an adult would love. And what’s not to love about that?!

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