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10 tools you can buy to start your DIY and woodworking journey

One of my most commonly asked questions is- ‘What tools do I need to get started”? Woodworking, refinishing, DIY, and crafts can all feel intimidating if you don’t have the “tools” you need. Literally and metaphorically. So in honor of my most asked question, here it is! the top 10 tools I would recommend to build your toolkit. You can buy them all now for less than 500.00! Or slowly but surely, start to chip away at them as you go!

Jig Saw

Because of the narrow blade on a jigsaw, they are best used for shapes and curves in wood. You’re going to want a jigsaw to make any cuts that aren’t decorative, and this one is high quality! It has a trigger that can help control the speed, which is helpful, especially for a for a DIY and woodworking beginner. There is also an on-off switch that will blow the dust out of the way so you can get a clear view of your cut or guiding lines. (If you know me, you know I’m a planner. So I appreciate being able to see my guidelines easily!).

20-Volt Cordless Drill Kit

A drill is a pretty basic need, and this one is cordless, comes with a carrying case and is super powerful. It has two speeds and a light to help you see when you’re drilling in small spaces. It comes with a storage case and a 29 piece titanium drill bit set. All in all, big bang for your buck on this one!

20- Volt Gauge Brad Nail Gun

It’s not expensive, and it isn’t loud. The dream. This Brad Nailer is perfect for heights and on a ladder because it is light and cord-free. It can shoot about 600 nails per charge, which means you’re using it more than you’re charging it. Always a plus!

15 Amp Circular Saw with Laser Guide

This type of saw is best for cutting larger lumber, metal, roofing material etc. It has bigger, abrasive discs that spin and allow you to have the power to slice through most materials. This one is priced really well for the power it can give you! It has a 15 amp motor, which means you are making your cuts more quickly. Plus, if you’re like me and have kids running around your worksite, there is a safety lock that helps with not allowing accidental starts. Always worth the peace of mind.

14-Amp Miter Saw

Standard Measuring Tape

Back to basics big time with this one. This is seriously my most used measuring tape. It’s cheap, it’s effective, I use it all the time! Even a DIY or woodworking beginner will need to measure, and this is the tool to make it happen without costing too much.

9 Inch Level

Yet another basic that becomes one of those “how did I live without this” tools. This will level with clear bubbles and has an iron edge, so it’s magnetic! It is so helpful for any projects that use iron. I love that you can make sure your angles are correct at 45 and 90 degrees with this one too, an aspect I have used a ton.

Speed Square

If you’re advancing to anything with angles, you’re going to love this speed square. Another basic that won’t break the bank, and give a lot of bang for your buck. (This is a tool that is often overlooked, so it would make a great stand-alone stocking stuffer!)


A two piece cast iron set that won’t rust! I use these clamps all the time, and if you need a bigger size I recommend these!

I hope you found some great ideas for the DIY master in your life! Which tools would you suggest adding to the must-have list?

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