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DIY Breakfast Bar Organization

My breakfast bar is done. My DIY shelves? Complete. If you haven’t seen my video on my Rev-A-Shelf DIY cabinet video… check it out here. And now, it’s time to organize your DIY Breakfast Bar.

(Those of you holiday lovers, don’t forget we have some Christmas DIYs waiting in the wings. Check out the soda can jingle bells! Or challenge yourself and elevate your tree game with the tree box stand! We’ve got what you need to put the holly in your jolly.)

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Step 1- Find your purpose for your Breakfast Bar

I knew I wanted this to be the hub where I spent my morning. So the purpose for me was to have things that are functional, as well as convenient. I knew I wanted to have hidden wires (I showed how I hid those in the original breakfast bar post), so I was able to plug things into the cabinets in my bar.  I wanted my K-cups in there and organized for my Keurig.

These had to be organized and ready to go so I could get full use of my morning caffeine.  Get that here.

*bonus* if you’re a coffee fan like me, and you like syrup- how cute is this syrup pump? I also always keep espresso cups on hand for the early mornings, and I actually put cinnamon and nutmeg spices right by the coffee pot for mornings when I feel more experimental. 

Step 2 – Keep it tidy

Parents know… you find something you love and SOMEHOW your kids will find a way to trash it really quickly. So these organization separators for utensils help keep things together- and every little bit helps. If you’re not using utensils in this space- you can use the separators for straws, spoons, snacks!


Step 3 – Organize your Breakfast Bar in a Practical way

Rev-a-Track was amazing to get in the cabinets of these shelves. They make this trash can slide in and out, which is awesome because it makes taking out the trash (my least favorite chore) easier. And if it’s easier, I might just do it!



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