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DIY Holiday Bench Makeover

So if you have been a frequent follower of my DIYs… thank you, and hi! You know that I did a DIY bench makeover for Halloween with a bench that I scored on Marketplace. If you are new here, feel free to go back and check out that post about how to spookify a bench. But for the holiday lovers like me, Halloween is done, and here come the holidays. I knew I wanted to start with this bench as a simple DIY.vAfter Halloween, I had to revamp it and make it into a Christmas bench.

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Supplies needed for the DIY bench makeover:

– A bench, pew, swing… anything that you want to makeover!
-Red outdoor paint
-A dropcloth
-Accent pieces (I went garland and throw pillows for the holidays, and a classic red lantern. But you could add lights, or a stuffed Santa… whatever your holiday vibe may be!)
D- Rings

Tools needed for your DIY Christmas Bench makeover:

Sander (electric, or hand-held sanding papers)

(Don’t you just love a project that takes minimal tools? Don’t get me wrong, I love getting those power tools out too…. but man a simple DIY is sometimes so fun!)

Step 1 – Find your bench

As I mentioned above, I found my bench on Marketplace. I think it might have been a pew at one point… but regardless… it needed some attention. This is what it looked like before and after I made it Halloween-ified. If you are;t starting with an already painted bench, there isn’t a lot you need to do! I will be sanding off the Halloween paint, but if you aren’t starting from scratch, I wouldn’t prime or sand it so that you can continually change it with the seasons.






Step 2 – Sand it down

If you are coming from the previous bench post, and you’re turning it from Halloween to Christmas, sand off the old paint.

On the Halloween bench, I used outdoor paint to paint everything grey… So I gave that a quick sand to strip it down, then I added the red!


Step 3- Choose your color



The next step is deciding what you want the base color of your bench to be. I went bright, Christmas red because not only does it pop, but it matches my color pallet. So Lay down your drop cloth and get to painting.

*Remember, if you decide not to go red, I need to see what you choose to go with! I love to see the tweaks on my ideas, so be sure to tag me on FB and Instagram!**

Step 3 – Add the props and accents!

I wanted to add garland, I knew that right away. The type of garland I wanted to add wasn’t lit but needed to be attached to the bench, so I used D-Rings You could drape it over, but I wanted to be sure mine wouldn’t blow away so I made sure it was attached.

Then I added my pillows and my lantern. This turned out PERFECTLY for the front of my house and is such a great way to welcome the holidays into my home. A simple, vibrant DIY that leaves me feeling both holly AND jolly. What more could you need?!


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