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Harry Potter Christmas Gifts and Decor

We already know that the Christmas season has a lot of joy— and dare I say— magic. So for Wizarding World fans, these Harry Potter Christmas Gifts and Decor can add the perfect bonus to an already magical season!

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Trim the Tree

You can add the perfect mix of sparkle and charm to your tree with Harry Potter ornaments. Some are more obviously Hogwarts than others (how cute are the little ornaments of the dainty owls, snitch spell book, and wands?! And that Polyjuice Potion and Rememberall!).

But other ornaments like Hagrid’s Hut and the flying car might look more like usual decorations to the untrained eye. But for HP fans, they’ll get a knowing smile or tiny little gasp.

Slip into something more magical

Obviously, they were wearing robes at Hogwarts. But I seriously doubt they were this comfortable. These house robes come in different colors, depending on where the sorting hat threw you. (*COUGH* Gryffindor *COUGH*).

But if you’re not house-centered, you can check out the Owl Robe which looks amazingly comfortable too.

Once you’ve secured the robe for common areas, it’s time to get your bed attire in order. That means sheets, comforter, and jammies.

For pajamas, there are a LOT of options. You can go Christmas-centered, rep your house, study Herbology, or wander into the Forbidden Forrest. No matter what you wear, you’ll be warm and comfortable.

Lastly- you can toss some bedding on there that is adorned with your favorite whimsical wizards, and wah-lah! Your perfect Potter room is both comfortable and ready to go. It’s so comfortable you could probably stream all eight movies without batting an eye.

(And if you need the perfect lighting, how cute are these little Golden Stitch string lights?!)

Give Magical Gifts

Whether you’re gifting this Horcrux speaker or this perfectly ugly Christmas sweater, there are SO many possible Potter Presents.



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