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Gifts sure to make your teen laugh this holiday

Fellow parents of teens know that one of the best things about your kids getting older is making them laugh. I have put together gifts sure to make your teen laugh this holiday. I know firsthand… because I have given most of these to my kids!

Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow Covers

Literally, just the name of this product makes me laugh. So I feel the need to tell you now that there WILL be a theme to this post. And that theme happens to be named Nicolas. We think he is so funny in my house, and he has become our unofficial family mascot for that reason.  This is a 16×16 inch sparkle sequin pillowcase. There are SO many different versions and celebrities in the form of this pillow! Joey and Ross from friends, animals, and even Harry Styles!

Tortilla Blanket

The perfect gift for when you’re feeling brrrr-itto. Ok, that was bad and I’m sorry for it. It was just so easy. This flannel blanket is perfect for your kid if you’re a family of taco lovers. Not into tacos? That’s fine! It comes as a  pizza, waffle, or cookie! Honestly, if being wrapped in a giant chocolate chip cookie doesn’t sound relaxing, I can’t help you.

Fleece Onesie Pajamas

Warm? Check. Adorable? Yep. Customizable to different animals? You betcha. This will for SURE get a smile out of your teen… and give them something more comfortable to lay on the couch and watch TikTok in.

Mushroom Booty Shower Curtain

Mushrooms are super popular right now. So you’re going to get points for being trendy (which is nearly impossible for a teenager to give you). Then you get the added bonus of adorable little butts on the pattern, which makes it a combination of funny and appreciated. It’s machine washable and comes with plastic hooks to install it, so you won’t be hassled by installing it or keeping it clean. Kid win, parent win.

Nicolas Cage FULL FACE Blanket

Ok. This one is a little traumatizing. But also so incredible. I told you our home is a forever Cage home! I love this because it comes in the GINORMOUS size of 80×60. Other faces and patterns are available, but this one is just too horrifyingly amazing not to share.

Celebrity Faux Oil Painting

Marilyn Monroe, Snoop Dogg, and … you guessed it… Nicolas Cage are all available as fancy pants ladies and gentlemen. You can get this 16×24 fake oil painting of a celebrity of your choice. It’s unframed, giving your teen the perfect opportunity to put it in a frame that fits their personality best, tape it to their wall or hang it in a place of honor.

National Treasure Coffee Cup


It is a high-quality mug that doesn’t rub off or peel. Which is just the icing on the cake of this funny mug. You can put a Starbucks gift card in there to make it a little more practical. But this is the perfect way to show how much you “treasure” this teen!

Tiny Hands

I have a dream where I put these in my sleeve and go in to shake hands with my kid to shock a laugh out of them. There are 10, so you could have one for each finger, hide them in random places around their room, or use them to get a laugh out of the rest of the family. Tiny hands, big laughs.

Shark Cloud Sippers

They’re adorable and so comfortable. The best combination of things. Then when you add in the fact it looks like a shark is chomping on your little tootsies, so perfect! Not to mention they’re relatively inexpensive, which just adds to their perfection.

150 Funny Meme Stickers

Memes alone are perfection, and they’re now on a sticker, which makes them even better. They can decorate their hydro flasks with these, and hope you can share a chuckle. It may even find a reason for you to watch some new shows or clips together with your teen. Bonding over television is a love language of its own.

People of Walmart Coloring Book

Rolling back prices and rolling back dignity. Whether you’re a Target shopper or a Walmart fan- every page is crazier than the next! Don’t forget to toss in some colored pencils so you can enjoy your Christmas evening coloring the oddest of the odds.

Giant Bread Shaped Pillow


If you dream of bread, why not dream on bread?! This pillow is a carb-lover’s dream. It looks pretty real between the texture and the fabric and comes in 3 different sizes, so your little croissant can get the pillow perfect for their space!

Sassy Crew Socks

I won’t lie to you; some of the sayings on these socks made me laugh so hard. Most notably, the one that said, “I have to pee.” I will warn you, if you’re a mom against cussing, this won’t be the gift for you. The “I don’t care, thanks” socks are one of the two without a swear. But as a mother of a funny teen and an owner of a sailor’s mouth myself… they made me laugh.

Eye Bugging Stress Toy

In all seriousness, being a kid isn’t always easy. I actually like the idea of giving a little tension relief with a twist. There are a few different options on these, but I like the building eye worm. Is that because my teen can make my eyes bulge at times? That’s neither here nor there.

Need some other Christmas gift-giving ideas or DIY? I’ve got you!

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