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DIY Halloween Chain Fence

Everyone knows my Halloween yard is an ever-growing labor of love. This year I updated my cemetery arch, added a giant skeleton horse and hearse… (amazing), and lined my pathway with a chain fence. This DIY Chain fence was one of my easier projects, and it added some spooktacular details to my yard this year.


Supplies needed for your DIY Halloween Chain Fence:

– Black Steel Pipe (That’s what I used, but PVC Pipe would work too!)
-black chain (comes with the zip ties needed!)
Q Hanger Hooks
Solar Lanterns

Tools needed for your DIY Halloween Chain Fence:

-A hammer or a mallet to put the pipes in the ground

Step 1: Place your posts

Decide how tall you want your posts to be. I went with posts that were cut at 36″, and then I used the hammer to pound them about 6″ into the ground. When I spaced them, I had them about 6-8′ apart. To get the chains started, I installed them into the DIY Pillars I made with a screw hook.

These chains have s-hooks that I hooked right over the top of the pipe. For the second rung through the middle of the pipes, I simply used the black zip ties that came with the chains.

Step 2 – String your chain

I love this DIY chain fence because there are no (power) tools needed! Just a little time-consuming chain stringing. Put in some air pods, and snap those s-hooks into your pipe!

Step 3: Add the Torches

I went back and forth about how to add a little flair to the chain fence, and then it hit me! Torches! I found these amazing solar-powered torches, and they fit right in the top of my pipes.

This was one of my easiest Halloween DIYs, and it looks AMAZING all lit up at night. I love that I don’t have to plug anything in, and the solar-powered torches will for sure be used for another holiday DIY!

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