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Crafts for Kids- Artwork Clothespin Hangers

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We do LOTS of crafts at my house. My kids have grown up around power tools, paint, and glue sticks. SOOO…I let my kids to crafts that aren’t your typical “kid crafts”. Today we were building and painting with these Artwork Clothespin Hangers.

It was a super easy project, with a long-lasting effect. It’s so fun to use the Artwork Clothespin Hangers to keep special work up, and even seasonal paintings and handprint art.

We just cut 1×4 boards to 21″. Hot glued on some painted clothespins. And screwed some wall hangers onto the back.

(If I were doing it on my own, it would have taken about 5 minutes to do all three. Luckily I had my “helpers”, so we got it done in about 2 hours. Ha!)

You can find small clothespins HERE
And the picture hangers HERE

I let my kids be involved in everything! Starting with cutting the wood (with a handsaw and miter box, I hold one end of the saw, and they hold the other). Then they picked out the paint colors, and finally, painting the clothespins. They do the measuring and marking where the screws need to go, and hammer nails into the walls. Yes, I’m brave.

But you should see their faces when they show their artwork walls to their friends and say, “I MADE that!”  Totally worth the extra effort it takes on my part to allow them to be involved. 🙂

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