Installing a Magnetic Doorstop – How to Keep Doors from Slamming Shut

Today we’re talking about doorstops. Living in Hawaii, we keep our windows open most of the time. I love that we have great weather and get the trade winds keeping us cool, but it means our doors are constantly slamming shut! I found these magnetic doorstops while browsing around a home improvement store one day and took them home and installed them. Game. Changer! WOW

They serve two purposes: 1) Keeps your door knob from banging into the wall. 2) They keep the door open!

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So I’ll show you what I used and how easy they are to install.

What you need for installing a magnetic doorstop:

That’s it! No other tools or magic is required.

1- Figure out where you want your door stopper to go and draw a faint line in pencil around the circles on both the door and the wall.

Some doors have hollow cores, so you’ll have less chance of it tearing out if you keep it closer to the outside edge of the door (within about 3″).

2) Twist off the base from the small door piece and attach it where you drew your circle on the door. I drilled small pilot holes prior to placing screws.

Step 3 – Twist on the door piece.

Step 4 – Test the wall piece again just to double-check that it aligns with where you’ve installed your door piece. Obviously optional, but doesn’t hurt to check. 😉

Step 5 – Attach the flat piece to the wall and then twist on your stopper!

Easy peasy! Five minutes…no lie. Installing a Magnetic Doorstop…you can do it!






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