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Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover

As a parent, it’s so important to me that my children have rooms that are their safe space. I want them to feel loved, comfortable, and secure in their space in our home. That’s why I took the time to ensure my sweet daughter felt my love with this teen bedroom makeover.

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Lighting for a teen bedroom

The first thing I wanted to do in her room was set the mood. She is a gorgeous girl with a feminine flair. So first things first… let’s set the mood! She needed a chandelier fit for a princess. I found this stunning chandelier and knew it was the best jumping-off point to get the right vibe of the room.

I mean… is it not just such a glamorous vibe? But it just wasn’t enough, so I found these amazing LED lights that can be controlled by your phone. I strung them up around the door frames and the trim of the ceiling.



I bought two sets of these 100-foot lights, which were 200 feet in total. These are perfect for those moments when she doesn’t want that overhead light on and wants to set the room’s tone.

The last amazing piece of lighting, she had to have this sign. She is like… really pretty.

Window treatments for the new bedroom

We just spent all this time making sure the lighting was right, including being thoughtful about the light coming through the windows! I got new curtain rods so I could hang sheer curtains. During the day, she likes to have natural light coming in, so sheer curtains attached to the rod were the way to go for us.

But we needed an even more feminine touch, so we added these flowers around the top of the curtain rod.

Teen bedroom bedding

The most important part of any bedroom? The bed. Duh. So let’s focus on the bed portion of this Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover. She needed a new headboard that would match the new style of her room, so I went with this upholstered version that was shorter and more feminine. Comfort is first and foremost, so I made sure my girl got a new comforter and duvet.

It is so soft and comfortable that I am genuinely tempted to sneak in and nap there now. Win for her, win for mom.

Now that it’s cozy, This Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover needed to add the pillows… most importantly, that Nicholas Cage pillow. Nick is a long-running joke in our family (did you catch the cutout I hid in the corner of her room?)

She also needed some new Squishmallows- have you cuddled one of these suckers yet?! They’re insanely soft. She got a Boba tea and a banana. We threw down the adorable heart rugs next to the bed, and it was finished!

The bedroom makeover finishing touches

My daughter is a huge music fan, so we made this wall display for her vinyl records. (You can read the tutorial here if you think it would look great in your teen Girl’s Bedroom Makeover!)

Underneath the records, we put this beautiful vanity where she could sit, take her time, and get ready in the morning.

We added succulent planters and a storage bench so she could have a “catch-all” space. Lastly, this frame tv can be set to any image and is such a great piece for a space where you already have so many great things on the walls!


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