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Teen Girl Bedroom- Vinyl Record Wall

Any music fan knows that what you listen to is a huge part of your personality! For my music-loving teen, I knew she would love having her vinyl records on display in her room. And that’s how this vinyl record wall idea was born!

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Materials needed for the Vinyl Record Wall:

Vinyl record shelf (this is the exact one I used, but it is currently unavailable! I linked another one in case you want to buy it before it comes back in stock
-Back up Record Shelf Storage
Hook (Optional- the original I used comes with these sticky hooks, but if you have to buy the second option, these would work.)
-Vinyl album covers


Tools needed for the Vinyl Record Wall:

-If you choose to use the screws to put the shelf holders on the wall, you will need a drill! I didn’t use the screws, and they have been on the wall for a year with no issue.
laser level

All you need to do to get this Vinyl Record Wall ready to go is choose the space on the wall where you’d like to place your records. Decide how many total vinyls you would like to have displayed and configure how you would like them arranged on the wall.

We wanted to display 6 records, so we left 3″ between the shelves side to side, and 3″ between the top of the record and the bottom of the next shelf. We used a laser level to make sure we had them straight, and distanced the way we needed them.

Because my daughter (and I, let’s face it) like to switch things up often and rearrange, we decided not to screw the mounts to the wall. The set I used came with both a sticky mount that you put on first and screws that went on top of that. But as I said, it has been up for a year and hasn’t even budged!

At the end of the day, now my beautiful daughter has a place to sit down, do her hair and makeup, and look up to some of her favorite artists. If you don’t own any vinyl records, here are some that she has on display, and a link to her adorable record player. She has the baby blue one but it comes in over 30 colors!:

I have some fun artwork links below if you’re interested in using this idea with something other than records!

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