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10-minute Snowflake Ornament “Wreath”

So I have a confession…my front door was naked last Christmas. Yep. No wreath. I made new stockings for us and new ornaments and tons of homemade gifts for my kids, and I sort of skipped that part.

Honestly, I didn’t even miss it much!

But this year I used most of the same decorations, so I didn’t have that much Christmas crafting to do and have been feeling like I need to do something. So I invented a “wreath”.

Supplies for your 10-minute ornament wreath:

  • Different flat decorative snowflakes. I got multiple kinds- a plain and a glittery. That way I could layer them
  • Foamboard
  • Hot glue (I LOVE my glue gun if you don’t have one!)
  • Ribbon
I had no idea exactly what I was setting out to accomplish when I went to  Walmart. That day, I just kind of threw stuff in my cart that looked snowflakey and fun.

I bought these different kinds of ornaments. One set was foam with some solid white and some with glitter. When you get the snowflakes, it’s important to get multiple kinds. You’re going to layer your snowflakes together to make you “wreath”, so you want to add the bling and the texture wherever you can!

Steps to making your 10-minute “Wreath”

Step 1:
Cut a circle out of a piece of foam board. ( I used a dinner plate to trace mine- so no it doesn’t have to be perfect!). I used this cheap piece for foam board that I found at Walmart!
Here is my haul of snowflake goodness!


Layer your snowflake ornaments and hot glue them on. I did the solid white foam snowflakes first. Then added all of my glitter foam snowflakes. Lastly, added the plastic glitter ones.


Find white ribbon laying around (if you’re a craft hoarder like me) or grab some cheap stuff here and tie a bow on. Then BAM- ready to hang and call it a day. 😉

Super easy!

I didn’t mean to make it look like an ornament, but once I got it on the door, I realized that’s what it looks like. It’s cute! And you can’t beat a 10-minute project that only uses cheap supplies!

(Isn’t the red door so perfect for the holidays?! I didn’t paint it, but I love it!)
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14 thoughts on “10-minute Snowflake Ornament “Wreath”

  1. I am a big fan of snow. Love the wreath because you can leave it up all winter. Does the sun heat up the glue to cause it to come unglued?

  2. Hey! I bought those EXACT same snowflakes except my foam ones were blue! Some with glitter and some without. I made a wreath out of mine too! Except mine is like an actual wreath – with a hollowed out center. Great minds think alike. =]