Angel Costume – Halo Tutorial

In the past week, my kids have needed angel costumes on two different occasions. The first one was for our church’s nativity scene. I hadn’t given much thought to it and ended up Googling angel halo diy that day (yes, I’m a slacker) and eventually just making one out of a paper plate and aluminum foil that rested on their heads. Very homemade. Kinda embarrassing for a die-hard crafter. lol

My friend, Cari, and I were trying to come up with another angel costume but this time for a dance recital…

As I was browsing Dollar Tree, I came across this gold tinsel garland, and the lights clicked on!

For only $3 and with 15 minutes, you can easily make 4+ halos.


Gold tinsel garland (about 5 feet per halo, and it comes in a 50 foot roll)
Craft pipe cleaners (need 2 per halo)
Headbands (4 pack for $1)

STEP 1: Wrap one pipe cleaner around the headband, starting in the center. I think I wrapped mine around two or three times on each side.

STEP 2: Make a circle out of the other pipe cleaner and twist the ends together.

STEP 3: Place the two prongs of the pipe cleaner through the center of the circle until they are about 1 – 1.5″ high, and then wrap excess around the circle to attach.

STEP 4: Wrap the garland around the circle until it is completely filled in and no white is showing. I found it was easiest to use about 1.5′ pieces at a time, and I think I used about 3. It has a very small wire in it, so it stays attached on its own. You don’t even need glue for this one! Easy peasy. 😉

Happy holidays!



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10 thoughts on “Angel Costume – Halo Tutorial

  1. Great idea! Not sure when I personally will need a halo though. I have two boys 17 and 27. Maybe someday a grand daughter will need one!

    1. I'm glad you like them! I was actually just looking at them today as I cleaned up the play room, and I'm surprised how well they've held up considering it's been almost 1.5 years, and they moved across an ocean! Ha!! 🙂