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DIY Stockings from a blanket

I posted my DIY Stocking Display a while ago, and a lot of people love the design. But I was surprised at how many comments I got asking about these Christmas stockings! I made them myself from a set of Pier 1 blankets that I bought specifically for this project. Christmas stockings can be SO expensive. I found a set that I loved, but they were $35.00 a piece. In a family of 6, that’s a big investment. So instead, I got two blankets for 30.00 a piece— and decided to make some of my favorite decorations from them. So here’s my breakdown of my DIY Stockings from a blanket!


(my links are from Amazon- but you may have a lot of this lying around the house!)

A fuzzy blanket (you can obviously choose any color or style you like, but this one looks sooooo luxe)
Fabric Scissors 
Felt Stocking (I happened to have many- but you can use one for a pattern)
I recommend sewing your stockings together. But if you’re not a sewing person, you can try hot glue or fabric glue!

Lay out your fuzzy blanket, and put your felt stockings on top of the blanket to go off of as a pattern!

Notice how when I laid them around the blanket, I kept the top of the stocking on the seam of the blanket. That way the stockings will have a nice finished edge all the way around the opening.


Cut the stockings out, using the felt stockings as a guide. (WARNING- it’s sooooo messy!)


Apply the two sides of the stockings together- and either sew them together, or combine them with hot glue or a fabric glue


I added some ribbon to the top, and around the middle. I also enlisted my daughter to write out names on the wooden circles, then tied them on with baker’s twine!

You could also add some adorable rustic ornaments to the ribbon- something like these:

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