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Primary Bathroom Makeover

You KNOW I am a sucker for a bathroom makeover. My bathroom was struggling- so I added some of my absolute favorite Rev-A-Shelf products, you can watch the video here, a new coat of paint, a brand new vanity, and of course, I needed light fixtures. And boom! A Primary Bathroom Makeover was born.

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Primary Bathroom Makeover Supplies:

An Amazing Paint Color! (I used Sherwin Williams Tempe Star. They have an Amazon Prestige Brand that is color-matched, you can get delivered right to you as well.)

Step 1: Say Goodbye to your “before”

I loved my vintage flooring, and will never replace that. But the rest of the bathroom needed a bit of a facelift.

I knew I wanted to replace the vanity, so that was the first thing I decided to take care of in this primary. I found my Home Depot Vanity and fell in love with it. (Shout out to the muscle I outsourced to help me get it in the bathroom!) Isn’t it gorgeous?

I switched out the knobs that came with the cabinets because I wanted them to be gold. There are these gorgeous brass pulls I found at Home Depot.


I got to use my woodworking skills to make a custom 7-foot shelf that is nestled in right next to this vanity. (Plans coming soon, I promise!) And then I painted it the same beautiful blue as the rest of the walls and ceilings.

Step 2: Paint your Primary Bathroom!

I chose a dark and moody color because I knew I wanted to add brass and gold accents. Sherwin Williams Tempe Star, and I painted the ceiling with the fan. It added to the moody vibe, and I love it. It makes the bathroom seem a lot taller than it is.

Step 3: Light It Up!

The last step in my primary bathroom makeover was adding a decorative mirror. It didn’t come in gold, but I added it on the edges with Rustoleum gold paint. Then decided to make it even better by painting these vintage accent pieces gold, and adding them to the mirror with Krazy Tape.

(I used this gorgeous metallic spray paint on the mirror and the accents. I just love the way it looks on the wall!)

The last step was adding those sconces that bring the whole moody and gold/blue/green aesthetic together. I LOVE the elegance they bring to the bathroom. (Isn’t that hardware gorgeous? You can find it in this post, where I talk about how I style and decorate the bathroom.)

If you want to see more on how I styled and decorated my primary bathroom by adding amazing moody accents to bring out romantic vibes.

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