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Renovating A Closet using Rev-A-Shelf

I’ve done makeovers on a lot of closets in my day, but there hasn’t been one quite as popular as renovating a closet using Rev-A-Shelf. I did this for my sweet sister-in-law! When I went to help I didn’t know I would make it an organizational dream. (If you haven’t seen the video of the changes I made, head on over to my Instagram and take a look.) If you have been asking for tips on renovating a closet using Rev-A-Shelf must-haves, you got it!

Rev- A- Shelf Closet Must- Haves:

Step 1: Get a good feel for your “before”

I did this job away from home since it was for my sister-in-law, and it was tricky to do without my workspace. We pulled it off, and I am so in love with how it turned out.

My sister-in-law’s closet is 5.5′ wide x10′ deep and 9′ ceilings. Knowing that her ceilings were so tall, we wanted to build the shelves up to keep that height and utilize storage. (Plans coming soon, I promise!)

Once I got shelves built and secure, I got to add that Rev-A-Shelf goodness. The added touches like the swivel ironing board and built-in butler’s rack are what make this closet feel so luxurious.

I painted the built-ins white and added some silver knobs that made it feel so classy. That countertop is one slab of marble tile! And the chandelier and mirror were modern and learn enough to tie the space together.

Add Cozy Closet Must-haves

My secret to closet success is making it as comfortable a space as possible. So, when I added the ottoman and rug to this space it instantly became a place I wanted to hang out.

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