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Organizing My Closet


If you know me at all, you know I LOVE to be organized. You can watch my video of how I tackled my closet reorganization.  And because I was getting SO many comments asking about the items I used, I decided to write out how I organized my primary closet!

Materials needed for Primary Closet Organization:

Clear dividers
Hat Hanger
Belt Holder
Shoe rack (24 inches wide- the exact length of the closet depth)
Baskets up top (perfect for hand-me-down storage!)

Accents Needed for a Primary Closet Organization:

Runner Rug
Small Step Ladder
Hanging Plants
Framed Art

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Step 1: Organize the closet

I can’t be the only person who has a million t-shirts. Please say I’m not alone.  I found these clear dividers and they are a MUST for separating piles of folded clothes.

If you share a closet with your partner, these are great for separating two different people’s clothes. Or you could even divide by season or shirt type!

(Also- I am a bit of a hanger snob, and if you don’t use these felt hangers you have to try them! They are the best! No slip, and so thin so you can fit more clothes in the closet!)

Don’t forget to sort your shoes:

Getting things up off the floor can make the whole space look and feel bigger. So I grabbed these shoe selves and finally took the time to sort and pair my shoes onto shelves. (I love that these shoe shelves come in different sizes, so you can fit the exact width of your closet!)

Hang Your Hats:

Hats are a need if you are a DIYer. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. (Okay, it’s totally an opinion. But it’s one I strongly hold!) I have such a huge collection of hats, and when I found this hanger  I knew it was going to be perfect. And it is! I absolutely swear by it.

Accentuate your accessories:

We all have that accessory that we want to organize. And sometimes they are too pretty to hide! For me, it’s belts. The solution? Boom! Glass jars. These are the best for keeping things tidy, but looking amazing. Added bonus? They have a lid that closes, which makes them seem even more organized.

Step 2: Add Your Accessories

I keep baskets on the top shelf of the closet to store things I’m not using at the moment. When you organize a closet, you need storage options.  I switch clothes out seasonally, so these baskets come in handy. But because they’re up high, I snagged this adorable and functional step ladder. (It folds so it stores flat on the wall. Is that not perfection?!)

Warm up the space

Sometimes I stand in my closet for a long time before I can finally figure out what I want to wear, so I need the space to be both functional and cozy. If you need to warm up a small space, especially one with hardwood floors– a small runner is a great way to do that.

I also added this arched mirror so I can check out my final fit before I leave the closet. I tossed in a beautiful framed print and a hanging plant. (Fake but looks real. The best combo ever.)

Once you organize a closet, the last step is obviously buying a few new items as a treat! You’ve earned it!

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